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U . F . O.     G . E . E . K.


Mike Coletta (ufo.geek@yahoo.com)



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Mike's condensed BIO. 

- Discovery Channel (America's Most Secret Structures, 2012, 2013)
- Military Channel (America's Most Secret Structures, 2013, 2014)
- A&E (Dog The Bounty Hunter, Colorado Springs episode, 2010)
- A&E, BIO, Lifetime (My Ghost Story, (Tale of a Crypt, season 2, Linda's Lights, season 3)
- Front cover of the Feb 2013 Popular Communications Magazine with a three page article about my science/space based work.
- Pueblo Chieftain, story about Mike's satellite & meteor tracking.
- Colorado Springs Gazette and Denver Post articles about Mike's paranormal adventures.
- Featured in web articles including GigaOm.com, NPR.org, Aljazeera-America.com , CNN.com, Examiner.com, HuffingtonPost.com, ArtBell.com, and others.
- Mentions in three books written about UFO and the Paranormal.
- A monthly comic strip published in Popular Communications Magazine, from 2000 to 2006.
- Guest on radio shows and podcasts concerning numerous UFO and Paranormal investigations.
- For 8 years ran a popular news website that received a 'BEST OF AWARD'. Some of Mike's stories were also reported on local ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CNN; as well as on other news websites and in print publications.
- As a paranormal investigator Mike was the originator of numerous prototype paranormal devices, including the ever popular 12-470 Shack Hack Ghost Box. Ghost Hunters International requested use of some of Mike's devices during their very early season episodes.
- Performed paranormal training classes and conference talks around Colorado.


2014 - 2013


- Paranormal Investigations

    - Cheesman Park, Denver, CO

    - Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, CO

    - Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO

    - Fairplay Hotel, Fairplay, CO


2012 - 2010


- Paranormal Investigations

    - Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO

    - Old Train Station, Colorado Springs, CO

    - City Auditorium, Colorado Springs, CO

    - Last Dollar Inn, Linda Goodman House, Cripple Creek, CO

    - Old Teller Co Jail Museum, Cripple Creek, CO

    - Fairplay Hotel, Fairplay, CO

    - Undisclosed Location, Colorado Springs, CO

    - Crystal Park Cemetery, Manitou Springs, CO

    - Serial Killer Dorothea Puente House, Sacramento, CA


- Paranormal Instructor, Ghoul School

     - Colorado Springs, CO

     - Cripple Creek, CO

          - Segment on KXRM Fox21 News about paranormal classes

- Guest Speaker, Colorado Springs Metaphysical Fair

- Radio Show Guest, numerous


- Paranormal Investigations

    - Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO

    - Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO

    - May Woolsey Grave, Sacramento, CA

    - Discovery Museum, Sacramento, CA

    - Delta King Paddle Boat, Sacramento, CA

    - Relocated Cemetery, Sacramento, CA

    - Old Mining Area, Sacramento, CA

- Radio Show Guest, numerous

- Roswell, NM (UFO Festival)


- Roswell, NM (60th UFO Festival)

- Paranormal Investigations

    - Plane Crash Impact Point, Colorado Springs, CO

    - Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO

    - Fairview Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO


- Devised a hack for Radio Shack model 12-470, making it a Ghost Box

- Began creating numerous prototype electronic devices for paranormal investigation


- Paranormal Investigations

    - Hearthstone Inn, Colorado Springs, CO

    - Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO

    - Brutal Murder Location, Manitou Springs, CO


- Roswell, NM (Investigation, Ragsdale UFO Crash Site)